Smiling Corporate Women

We Take Things Personally

Our philosophy? Women and minority executives are rarely found in the established circles from which directors are typically recruited. They’re discovered through peer-to-peer networks. That’s why our founders aren’t just figureheads. We’re personally involved, using our networks to bring you the optimum candidates. 

Once engaged by a company, we work with you to define your specific requirementswhat skill sets you’re looking for and what voids you’re hoping to fill. Then, we access our proprietary database – created with input from each of our Rolodexes, corporate executives, board members, and other high-level referral sources – to identify potential candidates who fit your needs. 

Our founders meet personally with your candidates, evaluating not only their resumes but also the nuances and intangible characteristics that are often the difference between an effective board member and simply a body to fill the chair. 

Once a candidate is chosen, we continue to work with you to ensure a smooth transition. We also provide a custom mentoring program for all the new directors we place to make sure they start making contributions as quickly as possible, as well as continuing education programs that help develop our candidates to their full potential. 

Our mission is to meet the needs of corporate boards for increased independence, effectiveness, and diversity. And our commitment is so great that our founders handle the details personally.