Professional Business Women

What We’re Looking For

Our founders have all been corporate leaders and directors for many years and made our initial “breaks” through the glass ceiling and other invisible barriers at least two decades ago. Today, we are heartened to see that the sheer number of women and minorities who are making similar breakthroughs is awe-inspiring and growing rapidly. It is this growing pool of ambitious talent that we seek to support and advance. 

The alltoocommon lament we hear from fellow board members – “I can’t find any qualified women or minorities for my board” – is quite simply not true. We each personally know many such individuals. But we also realize there are many, many more of you whom we don’t know. So, we encourage you to contact us. 

If you are interested in and feel you are qualified for public board service, please send us your resume and a note describing your background, interests, and area(s) in which you feel you could make the strongest contribution. The Directors’ Council’s database of candidates is extensive, powerful, and growing daily, which is overwhelming proof that we’ve come a long way.